Mindfulness Services 

Our lives and our children’s lives are full of stress and anxiety. There is now a great amount of evidence-based research supporting the use of mindfulness techniques to decrease stress, anxiety, increase focus and attention, and improve overall health in children and adults. Mindfulness techniques train the brain to be less reactive and less vulnerable to stress and to build healthier brain responses. Dr. McSorley teaches children, teenagers and adult’s ways to use mindfulness to reduce anxiety, cope with stress and live more fully.

Mindfulness involves being present in your life with whatever is happening in your thoughts, emotions, body and in the environment around you. It is being present with kindness and curiosity and without judgment.  It is responding to life rather than reacting. Mindfulness techniques involve training the brain to stay present again and again. Some techniques use meditating on one’s breath, or on body sensations. Others use movement, walking, eating. One can learn to be mindful in many small ways so that stress gradually decreases and wellness and vitality increase.

Dr. McSorley offers the following mindfulness services:

  • Individual sessions with children, teenagers, and adults for teaching mindfulness techniques
  • Teen and tween groups for Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). This is a group that meets weekly for six weeks and in which students learn a variety of techniques.
  • Parent consultation about using mindfulness to promote healthier parenting and healthier relationships within the family.
  • Mindful Parenting workshops for schools, daycares and groups of parents.
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Management Courses through the Penn Program for Mindfulness. This is an eight week course offered three times a year for adults. Click here for more information.